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Canon IFC-400PCU - USB cable - 5 ft
The Canon IFC-400PCU USB interface cable enables you to transfer your camera pictures to a computer fast. The cable connects to your camera and to the USB port on your computer.
Sku: T67710
Price: $14.00

Part Number 9370A001
SKU T67710
UNSPSC Code 26121607
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Main Specifications
Designed For Canon XA40, XA45, XA50, XA55, XF705; EOS 1500, 200, 2000, 250, 3000, 4000, 6D, 77, 800, 9000, Kiss M, Kiss X10, Kiss X9, Kiss X90, Kiss X9i, M100, M50, Rebel SL2, Rebel SL3, Rebel T100, Rebel T7, Rebel T7+, Rebel T7i; iVIS HF S11, HF11; IXY 200, 210; LEGRIA HF G50; VIXIA HF G50, HF G60
Connector (Second End) Mini-USB Type B - male
Connector USB - male
Length 5 ft
Cable USB cable
Product Description Canon IFC-400PCU - USB cable - 5 ft
Extended Specifications
  Cable Type USB cable
  Length 5 ft
  Connector 4 pin USB Type A - male
  Connector (Second End) Mini-USB Type B - male
Compatibility Information
  Designed For Canon FV 10, FV 100, FV 2, FV 200, FV 30, FV 300, FV 40, FV 400, FV 50, FV 500, FV M1, FV M10, FV M100, FV M20, FV M200, FV M30, FV M300, GL2, MV100, MV20, MV200, MV200i, MV20i, MV3, MV3 MC, MV30, MV300, MV300i, MV30i, MV3i, MV3i MC, MV400, MV400i, MV430, MV450, MV4i, MV4i MC, MV500, MV500i, MV530i, MV550i, MV5i MC, MV600, MV600i, MV630i, MV650i, MV6iMC, MV700, MV700i, MV730i, MV750i, MV800, MV800i, MV830, MV830i, MV850i, MV880X, MV900, MV930, MV950, MV960, MVX1, MVX100i, MVX10i, MVX150i, MVX1i, MVX1Si, MVX200, MVX200i, MVX20i, MVX250i, MVX25i, MVX2i, MVX300, MVX30i, MVX330i, MVX350i, MVX35i, MVX3i, MVX40, MVX40i, MVX430, MVX450, MVX45i, MVX460, MVX4i, PV130, XA35, XA40, XA45, XA50, XA55, XF705, ZR10, ZR100, ZR20, ZR200, ZR25 MC, ZR30 MC, ZR300, ZR40, ZR400, ZR45 MC, ZR50 MC, ZR500, ZR60, ZR600, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR700, ZR80, ZR800, ZR830, ZR85, ZR850, ZR90 ¦ Canon EOS 1500D, 2000D, 200D, 250D, 3000D, 4000D, 6D Mark II, 77D, 800D, 9000D, Kiss M, Kiss X10, Kiss X9, Kiss X90, Kiss X9i, M100, M50, Rebel SL2, Rebel SL3, Rebel T100, Rebel T7, Rebel T7+, Rebel T7i ¦ Canon iVIS HF G20, HF R30, HF R32, HF R42, HF R52, HF R62, HF S11, HF11, mini X ¦ Canon IXUS 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 172, 175, 177, 180, 182, 185, 190, 265 HS, 275 HS, 285 HS ¦ Canon IXY 1, 100F, 110F, 120, 130, 140, 150, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220F, 3, 420F, 610F, 620F, 630, 640, 650, 90F ¦ Canon LEGRIA HF G50, HF R806, HF R86, HF R87, HF R88 ¦ Canon PowerShot A1400, A2500, A2600, D30, G15, G3 X, G7 X, N, N100, N2, S110, S120, S200, SX160 IS, SX170 IS, SX410 IS, SX412 IS, SX420 IS, SX430 IS, SX432 IS, SX50 HS, SX500 IS, SX510 HS, SX520 HS, SX530 HS, SX540 HS, SX60 HS, SX600 HS, SX610 HS, SX700 HS, SX710 HS ¦ Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS, 120 IS, 130 IS, 150 IS, 160, 170 IS, 180, 320 HS, 330 HS, 340 HS, 350 HS, 530 HS ¦ Canon VIXIA HF G20, HF G50, HF G60, HF R400, HF R42, HF R52, HF R60, HF R600, HF R62, HF R70, HF R700, HF R80, HF R800, HF R82, mini

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Cable Right Connector Type - Mini-USB Type B
Cable Right Connector Gender - Male
Cable Left Connector Type - 4 pin USB Type A
Cable Left Connector Gender - Male
Length - 5 ft
Packaged Quantity - 1