General Return Policy



By acquiring Products from CompuCom, Customer expressly agrees that the RMA Policy outlines Customer’s exclusive rights with regard to the return of Products.

General Return Policy.

The Customer Service Team reviews requests for return of third party hardware or software products (“Products”) based on the policies and procedures contain herein (the RMA Policy”). This RMA Policy is subject to change based on the applicable third party manufacturer’s or third party developer’s (each a “Supplier”) guidelines and requirements. CompuCom will use reasonable efforts to provide Customer with notice of any changes. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, CompuCom reserves the right to reject any Product for return that the Supplier will not accept.

1. Client Responsibilities.

All returns require a RMA” number. Returns of any type will not be accepted without an RMA number. To request an RMA number, contact the Customer Service Team at 800.801.2059 or e-mail to: The following information will be required: Client name, Client account number, original invoice number(s), Client order number(s), part number(s), serial number(s), SKU(s), quantity, Product condition, whether the Product has been opened or is manufacturer sealed, and reason for the return request.

2. Permissible Timeframe For Returns.

All requests for an RMA number must be made within twenty-one (21) days from the invoice date. RMA numbers issued by CompuCom are valid for ten (10) days only. The Product must be returned to CompuCom or Supplier within this timeframe. RMA numbers cannot be extended or reissued. RMA Product received with an expired RMA number will be refused and/or returned to Client at Client’s expense.

3. Dead On Arrival Products.

Dead On Arrival (“DOA”) Products will be repaired, replaced, or credited according to the Supplier’s warranty and return policy. Certain Suppliers require DOA Products to be returned directly to them and Client will need to contact the Supplier’s technical support for warranty service. Products returned as DOA may be tested. Products found not to be DOA may be returned to Client at Client’s expense.

4. Defective Products.

Products which are not functioning according to the Supplier specifications may be defective. Defective return requests will be subject to the restrictions of the Supplier’s specific warranty or return policies. Certain Supplier’s require the Client to contact technical support directly and open a service call for warranty repair or replacement. Products which are inoperable or non-repairable under warranty will be considered for replacement or credit at CompuCom’s discretion.

5. Notice of Damaged Shipments.

Contact the Customer Service team within two (2) days of the delivery date if damage has affected the contents of the boxes. Failure to follow these instructions within this time frame may result in freight claim denial or inability to file a claim, in which case Client will be held responsible for its failure. Refer to Section 6 for the procedure for submitting a claim for damaged shipments. If a replacement order is required, Client will need to contact their Enterprise Solutions Services Team at 800-597-0555 or designated Client specific account telephone number to place a new order.

6. Non-DOA/Defective Returns.

Non-DOA/defective returns (returns for convenience) are accepted for credit or exchange according to the Supplier’s specific warranty or return policies. Certain Suppliers have more restrictive polices and/or certain Suppliers do not accept open box returns, including, but not limited to, HP, Lenovo, and IBM. Supplier policies are subject to change without notice.

7. Instructions for Returning Products.

7.1 All original Supplier protective packaging (including electrostatic protection), manuals, software, documentation, cables or other accessories originally shipped with the Product, blank warranty cards, and original UPC codes on the box must be included in the return. Incomplete returns may be returned to Client.

7.2 Client is responsible for all shipping charges and risk of loss on returned items. CompuCom will provide prepaid shipping labels or credit Client’s one-way shipping charges for returns that are caused by CompuCom error.


7.4 Approved Product returns must be shipped to the address provided by the Customer Service Team.

8. Restrictions on Returns.

The following are examples of Products which may not be authorized for return: (A) All Supplier’s Build To Order (“BTO”) or Configure To Order (“CTO”) Product; (B) Opened software; (C) Software licenses (unless first authorized by the Supplier; (D) Special order Product; (E) Discontinued or obsolete Product; (F) Consumable Product (printer toner, batteries, etc.); (G) Product not purchased through CompuCom; and (H) Warranty upgrades.

9. Non-Compliant Returns.

Returns which do not comply with the requirements set forth in this General Return Policy, are considered Non-compliant Returns. Non-Compliant Returns are subject to a restocking fee not to exceed 20% of the total amount of the order or item. Customer Service will be able to provide the fee assessed when the RMA is issued. Configuration fees or freight will not be credited on returns for Client errors.

10. Overgoods.

Overgoods are: (1) Product returns that are received in CompuCom’s warehouse without an RMA number and cannot be identified, or (2) Product returns that are received in CompuCom’s warehouse with a valid RMA number, however additional unauthorized product was also shipped. Overgoods are unauthorized returns. In the event Overgoods are received, CompuCom will make an attempt to contact the Client to see if they want the Overgoods returned, and any such returns may be charged a $50 processing fee, plus related freight charges. If Client refuses the shipment of Overgoods from CompuCom or returns the Overgoods to CompuCom a second time without CompuCom’s prior authorization, Client agrees to relinquish all right and title to and waives all claims against CompuCom for credit related to such Overgoods.

11. Procedures for Damaged Shipments, Shortages, Overages, and Missing Product.

11.1 If using CompuCom transportation carrier. If a shipment arrives with significant damage that is visible and has affected the contents of the boxes, the recommended method of handling it is to refuse delivery of the damaged boxes due to damage by the carrier and notify the Customer Service Team within two days of the delivery. Partial refusal of the shipment is acceptable. The carrier will be responsible for returning it to shipper. Client must note the reason for refusal on the carrier’s “attempted delivery” record and the number of boxes damaged or refused. If the damaged shipment is not refused and is accepted, Client must note all known and visible damage on the carrier’s “delivery record” in order to file a damage claim.

11.1.1 Damaged Shipments. If the damaged shipment was not refused and was accepted, CompuCom will be able to file a claim provided that: (i) Client notes all known and visible damage on the carrier’s “delivery record,” including the number of boxes damaged, (ii) Client saves the Product and all packing material, and (iii) Client notifies the Customer Service Team promptly so a carrier inspection and pickup can be arranged. CompuCom’s carriers require any claims to be reported within two (2) days from the delivery date. Failure to follow these instructions within this time frame may result in CompuCom’s inability to file a claim, or denial of the claim, in which case Client will be held responsible for its failure.

11.1.2 Shortages, Overages, & Missing Product. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify that the (1) correct number of boxes delivered matches the number of boxes on the carrier’s delivery ticket, (2) the product item count matches the packing slip, and (3) product received is correct (together “Shipment”). If there is a discrepancy between the delivery receipt and the Shipment, Client must note all discrepancies on the delivery receipt. Client must notify Customer Service Team within two (2) days from the delivery date of any discrepancies. If the correct number of boxes is delivered, but the item quantity is not correct, Client must retain packaging for CompuCom and/or carrier inspection. Failure to follow these instructions within this time frame may result in CompuCom’s inability to file a claim, or denial of the claim, in which case Client will be held responsible for its failure.

11.2 If using Client transportation carrier. Since risk of loss or damage to the Products passes to Client upon delivery to the carrier, CompuCom recommends that Client obtain transit insurance in order to cover any damage or loss of the Product while in transit. Client will need to file a claim with its carrier according to its carrier’s instructions.