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Brother BP60MPLTR Multi-Purpose Paper - plain paper - 500 sheet(s) - Letter - 75 g/m²
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Sku: DR3916
Price: $7.00

Part Number bp60mpltr
SKU DR3916
UNSPSC Code 44120000
Returnable Yes
Usually Ships Next Day
Billable Weight 5.41   Lb
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Main Specifications
Compatible with Brother HL-2220, 2230, 2240, 2270, 2275, 2280, 3040, 3045, 3070, 3075, 3150, 3170, 4040, 4150, 4570, 5340, 5350, 5370, 5450, 5470, 6180, L2315, L2380, L5000, L5100, L5200, L6200, L6250, L6300, L6400, L8250, L8350, L9200, MFC-J5830, J690, J775, L2685, L2750, L6800, L6900; Business Smart Pro MFC-J6535
Included Qty 500 sheet(s)
Media Brightness 96
Media Weight 75 g/m²
Printing Technology Ink-jet
Media Size Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in)
Product Type Plain paper
Product Description Brother BP60MPLTR Multi-Purpose Paper - plain paper - 500 sheet(s) - Letter - 75 g/m²
Extended Specifications
  Media Type Plain paper
  Media Sizes Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in)
  Printing Technology Ink-jet
  Media Brightness 96
  Included Qty 500 sheet(s)
  Media Weight 75 g/m²
Compatibility Information
  Compatible with Brother DCP-L2520DW, DCP-L2540DW, DCP-L5500DN, DCP-L5600DN, DCP-L5650DN, HL-2140, HL-2170W, HL-2220, HL-2230, HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2270DW, HL-2275DW, HL-2280DW, HL-3040CN, HL-3045CN, HL-3070CW, HL-3075CW, HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDW, HL-3170CDW, HL-3180CDW, HL-4040CDN, HL-4040CN, HL-4070CDW, HL-4150CDN, HL-4570CDW, HL-4570CDWT, HL-5240, HL-5240L, HL-5240LT, HL-5250DN, HL-5250DNHY, HL-5250DNLT, HL-5250DNT, HL-5280DW, HL-5280DWLT, HL-5340D, HL-5350DN, HL-5370DW, HL-5370DWT, HL-5450DN, HL-5470DW, HL-5470DWT, HL-6050D, HL-6050DLT, HL-6050DN, HL-6050DNLT, HL-6050DNZ1, HL-6050DTN, HL-6050DW, HL-6180DW, HL-6180DWT, HL-7050, HL-7050DN, HL-7050DTN, HL-7050LT, HL-7050N, HL-7050NB, HL-7050NDLT, HL-7050NLT, HL-7050TN, HL-8050N, HL-L2300D, HL-L2305W, HL-L2315DW, HL-L2320D, HL-L2340DW, HL-L2360DW, HL-L2380DW, HL-L5000D, HL-L5100DN, HL-L5200DW, HL-L5200DWT, HL-L6200DW, HL-L6200DWT, HL-L6250DW, HL-L6300DW, HL-L6400DW, HL-L6400DWG, HL-L6400DWGT, HL-L6400DWT, HL-L8250CDN, HL-L8350CDW, HL-L8350CDWT, HL-L9200CDWT, MFC-1900, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J460DW, MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J480DW, MFC-J485DW, MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5520DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-J5625DW, MFC-J5720DW, MFC-J5830DW, MFC-J5920DW, MFC-J5930DW, MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J680DW, MFC-J690DW, MFC-J6925DW, MFC-J6930DW, MFC-J6935DW, MFC-J775DW, MFC-J775DWXL, MFC-J880DW, MFC-J885DW, MFC-J985DW, MFC-L2680W, MFC-L2685DW, MFC-L2700DW, MFC-L2707DW, MFC-L2720DW, MFC-L2740DW, MFC-L2750DWXL, MFC-L5700DW, MFC-L5755DW, MFC-L5800DW, MFC-L5850DW, MFC-L5900DW, MFC-L6700DW, MFC-L6750DW, MFC-L6800DW, MFC-L6800DW Custom UI, MFC-L6900DW, MFC-L6900DW Custom UI, MFC-L6900DWG, MFC-L6900DWGT, MFC-L8600CDW, MFC-L9550CDW ¦ Brother Business Smart MFC-J4320DW, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J4620DW ¦ Brother Business Smart Pro MFC-J6535DW, MFC-J6535DW XL ¦ Brother INKvestment Business Smart Plus MFC-J5830DW, MFC-J5830DW XL, MFC-J5930DW ¦ Brother INKvestment Business Smart Pro MFC-J6935DW ¦ Brother INKvestment Work Smart MFC-J985DW, MFC-J985DW XL

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General Technology - Ink-jet
Media Media Type - Plain paper
Media Included Qty - 500 sheet(s)